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Customized Design for Your Needs:

A removable partial denture is custom-designed to address the individual needs of each patient and can effectively replace one or more missing teeth. Restoring a natural appearance and enhancing speech clarity, it enables improved eating efficiency.

Variety of Types and Materials:

Partial dentures are fabricated from either a combination of metal and acrylic or solely from acrylic. The design of the partial denture is tailored to the patient’s specific requirements and oral anatomy, aiming to create a self-cleansing prosthesis that preserves the integrity of remaining teeth and oral tissues.

Precision Crafting by Dental Experts:

Dr. Giancarlo Cecchini will meticulously craft your partial denture to ensure even distribution of chewing forces across the remaining teeth and soft tissues. Modifications to existing teeth may be suggested to achieve this balance.

Choosing the Right Option:

Metal partials are often preferred due to their superior structural strength and thinner, more hygienic composition compared to acrylic partials, which are typically used as interim solutions. Dr. Giancarlo Cecchini will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable partial denture for your specific needs.

Enhanced Oral Functionality:

A removable partial denture serves to stabilize existing natural teeth, reducing their movement and facilitating improved grinding and chewing of food, thus enhancing digestion.

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